Filling and safety



For your safety when filling the breathing air cylinder with the breathing air compressed with your BAUER compressor, use an external filling panel from BAUERor the excellent B-SAFE 300 safety filling system. This will provide protection against flying parts should the cylinder explode, as well as ensuring a high level of legal security.


External BAUER filling panels
Complete filling stations are used for quick and efficient filling of breathing air cylinders. The main components of a filling station are the compressor unit, the storage system, the automatic selector unit, the switch-over valve and the filling panel.


B-SAFE 300 safety fill ramp
As a result of filling accidents arising from exploding cylinders, explosion protection is already standard or is prescribed in many countries. B-SAFE replaces costly protective measures in compressor rooms and provides operators with a high level of legal security.


B-MASTER – paintball filling system
The B-MASTER filling system serves to fill compressed air cartridges in the high pressure ranges of 200 or 300 bar and is primarily used for paintball markers.